Nature Walks or hiking in the Vaasa region


To enjoy nature and get out there are several different trails to explore in the archipelago as well as near the city of Vasa – you can choose to walk along the shore or in an old forest areas


I am also happy to guide you in the world heritage area of Kvarken archipelago.


Nature helps us to recover from stress, and it is proven that it contributes to both physical and mental well-being. Take a local nature guide with you and you may explore things you never ever would have discovered on your own. 


Come with weather appropriate clothes and shoes for moderate level of walking – uneven ground may be encountered on the nature walks.


You can choose from different nature trails in the surroundings of Vaasa or in the World Heritage area of Kvarken archipelago, below you find some examples of the most popular routes. There are trails both for those who would like to go for a longer hike but also shorter nature trails suitable for a shorter trip.


Öjen Nature Trail, Vaasa


Öjen nature trail is on a short driving distance from the center of Vaasa, the trail is 4.5 km long and easy to walk. The old-growth forest in the area belongs to old-growth forest conservation programme and is also protected by Natura 2000 -network.  The forest is mostly dominated by spruce and is swampy in places.


Duration: 3 - 4 hours


Finnhamn nature trail, Björköby


From the harbour of Vikarskat to the old fishing cottage of Finnhamn we walk back and forth 5 km, the trail is easy to walk. Along the trail we passes old monuments, memorials and nature types from meadows to old spruce forests. The Finnhamn surroundings offers a nice view of the outer archipelago. Driving distance from Vaasa about 35 minutes.


Duration: 4 – 5 hours


Bodvattnet around, Björköby


The nature trail of Bodvattnet starts at Svedjehamn, the nature trail is about 3.5 km long and easy to walk.  This is a good place to get acquainted with the Kvarken world heritage and the land-uplift.   Driving distance from Vaasa about 35 minutes.


Duration: 2 hours


Björkö-Panike hiking trail


The trail is 13 km long and starts in Svedjehamn, Björköby and ends in Panike.


Västerö nature trail, Maxmo

The trail is situated in the outer archipelago of Maxmo, and you walk for long distances close to the shore. The trail is partly demanding to walk. You can choose trails from 3 km up to 14 km. Driving distance from Vasa 45 minutes.

Duration: from 2.5 hours to a full day