Ice fishing


Experience ice-fishing on the seaice near the city of Vaasa. No prior fishing experience is required as ice-fishing suits everyone. It is, however, easier to enjoy the experience on the ice in warm and windproof clothing.


Group size: 4-8 persons
Time: 3 hours
Price: 40 euros/person 


The price includes a fishing guide, ice-fishing equipment including also safety device, a backpack, warm rubber boots and gloves if needed and warm juice. 


Additional services: Coffee/tea and snack 6 euros/person.
Other information: customer needs to dress in warm clothes. Bring a hat, windproof outer clothing and bring a spare warm jumper. 


Timing: The trip is available Saturday to Wednesday in February - April, ice conditions permitting.
Languages: English, Swedish, Finnish 


Booking and hostess: Fishing guide Carina Rönn 044-527 2314, +358 44 5272314

(Note! Booking for the following day no later than 1 pm)